Friday, December 11, 2015

Make Money from Home
Lets get straight to the point

You are reading this to learn how to make money with 4 corners alliance group.
4corners is a company that offers the average person a business opportunity to turn a onetime fee of $18 to over $500,000.
Plus residual (Monthly) income that pays you every month for the rest of your life.
Four corners has the most powerful compensation plan of any online marketing company.
This will change your life, and change your family’s life.

                                AND IT WORKS VERY FAST.

4corners alliance group is based in Las Vegas, United States of America. Founded and led by CEO Mr David Harrison in the year 2012.
4 corners has two products
-    -     Financial Education E-book
-     -   Monthly News letter

These two products are high quality, cutting edge and very informative about finances and businesses.

It cost $18 to signup
A one time cost


All you need is 4 friends to signup under you, then help them get 4 friends of their own and you are done.
Your friends and their signups will duplicate this process.


you come out of pocket only one time for $18.


4CORNERS is great for people who are new to network marketing.
And are looking for the easiest, cheapest and most simple way to earn extra income from home , every week and re-occurring monthly. Very simple, little effort you can be done within a couple of days by signing up only 4 friends and they repeating process.

You do not need to quit your job,
4 corners takes up no time or effort at all,
You can do this at your own pace in your spare time.

4corners is simple,

It all boils down to this.
4corners is a $18 business decision.

If $18 isn’t worth the opportunity to make $500,000 or even half of that or even 10% of that, then do not read any further.
If you are scared to invest $18 into your future, then go ahead and spend them on things that do not bring you any return. 
But if you are ready to make money, this is how 4 corners works;

STEP 1:     You signup
                                         (Click here)

STEP2:      Once you signup, you get 4 friends to signup under you (you will get your own referral link after you signup)

STEP 3:     Teach everybody how to get signup of their own and everybody repeating process

Simple right?
Becoming financially independent has never been so easy

4corners Alliance is truly a life changing company


Step 1.
Join Four Corners Alliance Group for only a one time payment of $18 (4K)

Step 2.
Refer 4 friends

Step 3.
Help them refer 4 people

Step 4.
They duplicate process 6 times. That is up to the 6th level.

Step 5.
You Earn $559,824

Months 1:
You sign up 4 people you earn $16.

Month 2:
Those 4 sign up 4 people = 16 people, you earn $64

Month 3:

Those 16 sign up 4 people = 64 people, you earn $640

Month 4:

Those 64 sign up 4 people= 256
people, you earn $6,144 (in 4 month you can have $6,144 in your pocket)

Month 5.
Those 256 sign up 4 people = 1,024 people, you earn $61,440

Month 6:
Those 1,024 sign up 4
people = 4,096 people, you earn $491,200

A total of $559,824 and all you did was pay $18 and referred only 4 people in one month and you were done.


You can signup to 4corners Alliance group using your local bank debit /credit card that has the mastercard or visa card logo

Please call or email me on 2348171884137 or 2348039183062, 
for further details and support on this life changing business from cornerstone Alliance group LLC Las Vegas USA.

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